|  The Power of Disruption – Sarah Page, OOMPH

The Power of Disruption – Sarah Page, OOMPH

Sarah Page, People Operations Lead at OOMPH has a diverse experience from working in public, private, start-up and corporate companies. She has learnt what works and what doesn’t, to create a role in this new, award-winning business.

We discuss… 

  • How Sarah has intentionally shaped a role that focuses on people over process.
  • What are the key elements that have made the role, and her employer, so successful
  • The impact of different approaches
  • Revealing blind spots that lead to action
  • Open mindset and a disruptive approach to working
  • Culture add vs fit for culture; the power of diversity
  • The hugely influential value from working within a non-profit organisation 

Sarah is incredibly humble but the reality is she has so much wisdom that others can really benefit from. She makes it all sound so easy but when we are driven by our values and adopt a human approach to work, it really isn’t that hard.

Listen to the podcast and then reach out to continue the conversation. You can tell from hearing us… we’re easy to talk to! 

More about Sarah

Sarah is passionately sustainable, a little bit nerdy about tech (and excel) and a lover of people, so it’s no surprise she finds herself working in the EV sector for one of the coolest companies in Cambridge – OOMPH EV Charging, ‘a Female founded clean-tech start-up that is developing the technology to deliver an EV charge top up, when and where you need it. Helping to remove the barriers to EV ownership by putting the consumer first.’

Her focus at Oomph is both to talent spot and help foster a culture that supports diversity, inclusion and belonging. To build an environment that focuses on people and their experience, making work more efficient, fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable for all.

Links to contact Sarah:


Sarah Page


Instagram: @oomphevcharging

Twitter: @oomphEV

Website: www.oomphev.com

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