|  Should I Stay or Should I Go? – with Emma Browning

Should I Stay or Should I Go? – with Emma Browning

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Emma Browning, Managing Director of Meraki HR Solutions, joins me to discuss the role of stay interviews.

Morgan McKinley found earlier this year that 42% of UK professionals do NOT know what their employer is doing to try and retain them. 

Stay interviews are part of a process that helps organisations understand what matters to their employees, and what they’d like to see improve, before those people decide to leave. 

Some of you will think that you already tick the box for seeking the views of your workforce. But if that’s simply through engagement or satisfaction surveys, think again. Stay interviews are a very different platform to collaboratively explore ideas; they can identify root causes of problems and find solutions that actually make a difference.

In this episode of Beyond the Water Cooler, we unpick just what difference these conversations can make to identify and correct problems, and to gain clarity about the positives so that you can continue to build on these.

We discuss some pitfalls, for example when your culture does not foster the psychological safety necessary for open, trusting and honest conversations. 

And Emma shares some great examples of questions to ask employees to really uncover what’s going on!

If you’re committed to making your employees’ experience as good as it can be, stay interviews need to be part of your regular practice.

More about Emma

Emma is a highly qualified and experienced HR Director, with a strong and proven pedigree in delivering results to the bottom line, fast. She continues to work with clients directly and particularly likes to work with growing businesses to help them develop the right people strategy that will enable their growth, working with business leaders/people managers who want to improve their leadership skills. Emma is also an engaging trainer and facilitator who will create and deliver workshops on a wide range of people management topics such as Recruitment, Coaching skills for the Manager, How to have Difficult Conversations as well as How to Conduct an Effective Appraisal.

Emma is a Fellow of the CIPD and has a Postgraduate Degree in HR and Masters Degree in the Management of Innovation and change from Oxford Brookes Business School.

Any of you who know and have worked with Emma, will know the high standards she works to and you can expect nothing less of her team!

Did you know……? Emma’s favourite pastime is hill and fell walking in the UK with her husband.

Links to contact Emma:

LinkedIn: Emma C Browning

Website: merakihr.com

Email: emma@merakihr.com

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