|  It’s all about the people – with Jim Liptrot

It’s all about the people – with Jim Liptrot

In this episode I’m joined by Jim Liptrot, MD of Howorth Air Technology. He has been on an interesting journey that is full of learning and Jim has put this into practice by leading with intention. The clear purpose and values that shape his practice as a leader are encapsulated in The Howorth Way. This is an approach that many organisations would benefit from exploring for themselves.

We talk about how to enable people to be their best selves and the importance of getting the right people to create the fantastic dots to join up. We cover a lot about leading an engaging and values-led organisation, including:

  • What has shaped Jim to become the leader he is today
  • The core values and behaviours that drive Jim’s leadership style
  • The culture that drives employee experience at Howorth
  • The journey at Howorth, including some of the challenges and highlights
  • Getting from ‘good’ to ‘great’

Links to resources:

The Howorth Way: About Howorth | Howorth Air Tech (howorthgroup.com)

Simon Sinek: Start with why — how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound – Bing video

Jim Collins: Getting the Right People in the Right Seats over Time : Jim Collins – Video/Audio

More about Jim:

Managing Director of Howorth Air Tech:

Extensive experience gained in Blue Chip and SME environments. 25 years with BAe from apprentice to Senior Operations Leadership and over 20 years having a major impact in SME’s across the North West. The last 13+ years at Howorth Air Tech starting as Operations Manager in 2008 before progressing through the ranks to become MD in 2018. The result has seen transformational culture change within the business which is known throughout the company as “The Howorth Way”

An inspirational leader with a passion to change lives and a strong emphasis on Customer Focus. From the minute someone walks through the doors of Howorth they are inspired by the cultural feel of the environment. An environment created by a shared purpose, through great people working to a set of non-negotiable values, and all on a journey to constantly develop their skills, develop their knowledge, and provide the best possible levels of service to all their clients.

Purpose, People and Behaviours – “The Howorth Way”.

In the words of Jim Collins “Leaders don’t have jobs, they have responsibilities” and everyone at Howorth shares that sense of responsibility. Why? Because we all know that everything we do matters, every one of our family, every one of our friends, each and every one of us could one day need the services that Howorth helps to provide.

Links to contact Jim:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jim-liptrot-69871218

Email: jim.liptrot@howorthgroup.com

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