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Make a Change Community.

Unpacking Engagement & Performance Challenges for Leaders & HR.

A closed community to provide a confidential space to speak openly and honestly about what’s causing the stress, adding to your workload and getting in the way of your people being exceptional.
Feeling overwhelmed with the number of challenges on your desk?
Wondering how to make sense of the breadth of people needs and wants right now?
Feeling out of your depth with some aspects of employee mental wellbeing that you’re experiencing?
Questioning how to make this ‘culture’ stuff become a reality to promote your company?

These are conversations I’m having daily with organisations. I help reduce the overload by creating the space to problem-solve and learn with people who share the same challenges and who have your back.

Find out more about key issues affecting engagement, performance, mental wellbeing and the all-important company culture that defines your brand


We will hear from guest speakers and have an opportunity to unpick your specific challenges, gain confidence planning for the future, and to learn from each other.


Topics will include: recruitment and retention, dealing with the increasing nature of employee needs (and wants), the accidental manager skills and confidence gap, overcoming resistance to change, how to find out what’s really going on (quickly and easily), shaping remote and hybrid practice to benefit all, the changing role of HR, how to achieve what is needed to for employees to feel able to thrive, the no-time-to-review dilemma, and other challenges identified by YOU.

What people are saying about opportunities to
reflect and learn with Lisa

John Holland.

``My time has to be for something and someone I relate to, and it needs to be authentic and real. I enjoy listening to first class speakers who join Lisa, and of course the superb way Lisa conducts the conversation.``

Mark Shelley.

``It was inspiring to hear contributions from other leaders and to share experiences in the pursuit of living true to our authentic selves. Thank you for this milestone in my development as a leader!``

Martin Fray.

``I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore what leadership actually is, as opposed to simply managing staff and processes. You have a refreshing approach to leadership coaching.``

About me.

I'm Lisa LLoyd, Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, and founder of It's Time for Change.

I help leaders and HR professionals to develop sustainable high performing, engaged teams, by creating the best company culture with positive mental wellbeing at the centre.

You can move past the overwhelm and doubt with the help of a supportive community, so why not join a vibrant community of innovative leaders and HR professionals, supporting each other to unpack the challenges and create sustainable change.

Fill in the form to request your place. If you are a shifter and shaper in your company but your role is not HR or leadership, fill it in anyway with a bit more information and I’ll see what I can do. It’s about having the right people more than job titles.