|  Employee Experience – with Lisa LLoyd

Employee Experience – with Lisa LLoyd

Hi! I’m Lisa LLoyd and I’d like to welcome you to my podcast, Beyond The Water Cooler. As a psychologist, psychotherapist and business owner of ITFC, I meet so many talented individuals who are aligned with my mantra: get people right, get business right.

I’m going to be talking to some of these super interesting people who have stories, insights and strategies to share about what it takes to be a great company, with inspiring leadership, an awesome culture and a wow workforce.

I am all about helping people to be their best and I’m a firm believer that if we all started to do things a little bit differently, we’d achieve huge results.

Being a chartered psychologist gives me a point of difference to get beneath the surface to really figure out the what, the why and the how, around your people feeling happy, being able to thrive and being productive.

I’m going to be having authentic conversations about what employee experience is really about, what it takes to succeed and most importantly, how to achieve it.

I will be sharing key strategies and proven insights that I have supported companies to develop, and I will be joined by leaders and inspirational others to hear their stories, their highs and lows and what they have learned. Together we will unpack real-world challenges, current trends and the big questions about organisational culture, engagement, uncertainty, resilience and all things people.

Real life, real talk about what it takes to be a great company that puts exceptional employee experience at the heart of everyday practice.

So, if you want to create a workforce that is happy, experiences good mental wellbeing, is motivated and connected, and lives and breathes psychological safety and empowerment to enable performance, this podcast is for you.

It will help you gain confidence about creating the best organisation from the inside out, with a clear sense of purpose, with people who feel secure about navigating change, who are equipped to reduce stress and anxiety, and who are proud of their achievements.

Joining the dots is a priority, so whether you’re in leadership, management, hr, or people development, there will be something to learn.

So tune in to these mini-series and be part of the crucial movement occurring now that is all about looking after people.

Beyond the water cooler is free to download and available on your favourite podcast app.