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Manager Lab

Do you think the traditional ‘models’ of management need to be shaken up?

Are you a manager who wants to develop your skills and further your thinking?

If so, our Manager Labs are for you.

Be ready to step into a world of curiosity, creativity and camaraderie.

Our Manager Lab is a unique development community designed to turn traditional models on their head.

Designed for ambitious managers, this small group is your laboratory for hypothesising, innovating, experimenting and reviewing.
Hosted by Lisa LLoyd, Psychologist and Founder of It’s Time for Change, and Gemma Ellison, Leadership and Culture Director and Founder of Heart Leadership, it’s a vibrant, virtual arena that celebrates diversity of thought, fosters resilience, and breeds ingenuity.
Here, management challenges become learning opportunities and peers become teammates on your journey towards personal and professional growth.

This is not your typical management development group.

It’s an interactive, dynamic environment where you’ll experience the time and space to reflect, observe, share and learn.

This is an opportunity for managers to problem-solve, be thought-provoking and be positively challenging with each other, within a context of complete trust and psychological safety.

Real talk about real challenges, whether that’s about…

Feeling isolated in your role
Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure on you
Aligning your values and your desired experience with what is expected and needed of you
Unpicking what is meant, where to start, and what success looks like around concepts such as ‘culture’
Confidence to lead the people-aspects of change and uncertainty, that shows care for your people
Dealing with employee engagement, performance, mental wellbeing, conflict and many other topics that need to be put on the table and discussed openly

What people are saying about us.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a number of programmes that Gemma has designed and/or delivered. Her ability to bring learning to life is what sets her apart. She is a phenomenal trainer and delivers with huge authenticity and a mass of energy.”

Lesley Sweeney – Associate Director – The MAPD Group
“The advice provided on by Lisa LLoyd at It’s Time for Change to build resilience is practical and actionable, encompassing diverse areas of personal development. It’s important to apply skills in a manner that best fits one’s unique circumstances so consider professional guidance for tailored advice…by working with someone brilliant like… Lisa LLoyd.”
John Hibbs | Co-Founder, Coefficient
“Gemma is someone I trust, who inspires me in all that she does and has pushed me to be the best version of myself. Gemma is extremely engaging when she delivers training. At every opportunity she gets her audience involved, she listens and most importantly she cares about her people’s development.”
Suzanne Smith – Associate and Costs Lawyer – Jackson Lees Group

You will be championed and held accountable as you explore new insights, learn new skills, and develop your confidence.

Push your boundaries about the impact you have.
Challenge perceptions about how managers should lead.
Open your mind to a more meaningful and engaging way of experiencing your role.

Dates for next cohort.

7 February
6 March
27 March
1 May
5 June
3 July

Entry to the lab comes with:

A 6-month subscription, with 2-hour sessions each month that spark a renewed sense of purpose, creativity, and connection.
A safe, supportive space to share, discuss, and dissect your management challenges.
A chance to shape the future of management, inspired by the collective wisdom of your peers.
Expert-guided sessions to unlock innovative solutions using the combined power of psychology and coaching.

We are offering an early-bird discount for bookings before 1 January: £325 per month.

That includes resources and support between Lab sessions!

Imagine a management experience where growth isn’t just about climbing corporate ladders but about broadening horizons and unlocking hidden potential.

Are you ready to learn and lead in extraordinary ways?

Leave the conventional behind and dare to explore the unchartered territories of human-centred management.

Join us in the Manager Lab.