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Snippets of my Spring ’21 posts…

Snippets of my LinkedIn posts through Spring that you might have missed and find useful – Lisa


How often do you say “No”?

Probably not often enough.


Here, my very helpful younger member of the team helps me communicate the message that we need to put our mental health above anything else.


  • We feel better.
  • We relate & connect better.
  • We perform better.


So why wouldn’t you?




I’ve done it, have you?

Consciously doing something to create a strong foundation for good mental health is a necessary starting point.


This week is mental health awareness week and there will be lots of posts about early warning signs & where to go for help. I start from a different place – helping people think about how to achieve & maintain good mental health. And demand for my Mental Health First Stage workshop shows that companies are taking a more holistic view.


We have to get ourselves in the right place to be able to feel & be our best but also to be the best we can for the people around us.


Getting on a bike might not be your thing. Especially in the wind & rain that I set off in! But doing something meaningful for you that puts you in the right headspace has got to be on your priority list. And beyond this week.


How are you taking responsibility for your mental health, wellbeing & engagement?




Challenging | Curious | Two-way feedback


Do these three terms resonate with you when you consider your workplace environment? They were identified, along with other common attributes used, such as inclusive, respectful, open and honest, that participants used in our webinar to describe a ’10’ on the scale.


There was real unanimity about what people consider a psychologically safe environment to be, where they can be their best in terms of connecting, learning, contributing, challenging and performing. Yet few companies achieve this.


❓ Which number is your company at on the scale and what are you doing to move it towards greater safety?

❓Thank you Roy Magara for a great session! You are brilliant at combining compassion and law and bringing critical topics such as this to life.





“Ooozing Positivity…”

…is how BBC Radio Berkshire’s Sarah Walker described the Principal and CEO of Mary Hare School, Peter Gale recently. He let me know following my contribution to the journey a year ago.


Peter observed that this is an era we’ll look back on and realise that we don’t listen to children. Instead, well-meaning adults tell them what they need.


This is so true and it hit a chord with me as it’s a message I shout about a lot, in workplaces.


We believe we’re doing the right thing.
But everyone is different and what they need is unique.


As we move into a new era, how small are your steps and have you shaped them WITH those around you instead of FOR them?


Peter’s specialist school for deaf children has been declared ‘thriving’, which is remarkable during such challenging times and a credit to an amazing team of employees who put people first.


How likely is your workplace to be described like that?





Talking to an NHS friend recently, the number of covid patients is decreasing, but the pressure on NHS staff isn’t. They now have enormous wait lists to get through. Burnout is likely unless we provide some respite and provide people with opportunities for care.


You don’t have to work in the NHS for this to apply to you and your colleagues. Every one of us has endured change. So as we look ahead, consider this equation that identifies success factors for high achievement:


❓ How able are people to focus clearly, minus the fog of #stress, worry and emotional arousal?
❓ How competent do people feel about the changes going forward?
❓ How passionate are people feeling about the purpose of what they do now?


I would add to the equation: ENERGY. Exhaustion, physical and mental, are very real.

As Victor Hugo said, “Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.”

But we have to be in the right emotional and physical place for that. Are you? Are your colleagues?



Entrepreneurial mindset

“Having an entrepreneurial mindset isn’t the only key component to creating an innovative organisation.”

Companies need to have space to be CREATIVE, which means stepping away from a target-focus.


They need to be LEAN- pivoting, experimenting and learning, all within a culture where failure is fast and expected as part of the development journey.


Do you focus on rewarding outcomes? Or do you recognise and celebrate exploration and creativity to find better solutions?

“There’s the leadership and strategy, there’s the process, and then there’s the workculture and you have to bring all of those together to actually achieve it.”

I shared tips about how to create the right work culture for people to feel safe to be innovative in a free webinar with the fabulous Roy Magara on 22 April 2021. These tips will help managers and leaders know how to promote psychological safety at work.


You can also check out 14 steps to achieve a work culture that enables your employees to thrive & succeed.


Or let’s discuss workshop options to kickstart the conversation in your organisation.


Failing that, just get in touch!



Fatigue after a year of the pandemic?

Spring is in the air but does it match the level of energy of people in your team? Is their usual bounce and enthusiasm hindered by the fatigue after a year of the pandemic?

As Danny Mortimer rightly points out,
“The NHS cannot bounce back without first giving NHS staff the time, space and support they need to properly recover. If we don’t look after them, then we cannot hope to look after patients.”

YOUR employees may not be working at the front line to the same extent as the NHS, but the complete change in the way we live and work takes its toll on all of us.


👉 Do emotional temperature checks with individuals in your team.
👉 Ask each person how they recharge their batteries, daily.
👉 Ensure access to support about worries that weigh people down (do you know what they are?)


Look after your employees.
Then they will be able to look after your clients.
Get people right. Get business right.


Not sure how? That’s what I’m here for. Drop me a line for a chat.




One year on.

Over the last 12 months since the first lockdown, scientists, politicians, business owners and the public have experienced a turbulent journey.


While people pay tribute today to those who have suffered, I’d urge you to look back on what the last year has meant for you and your organisation:

❔ What have you learned about yourself – your strengths, your ability to adapt, your resilience?

❔ What have you realised you appreciate about connection with colleagues? How will you develop this in new, meaningful ways?

❔ What are you grateful for that previously you rarely acknowledged?

❔ What is most important to you about work? What are the values that align most with you?

❔ Which 3 positives from the last year will you take with you into the future?

❔ If you could wave a magic wand and change 3 things about your work to contribute more to your sense of meaning and purpose, wellbeing and engagement, what would they be?


I CHALLENGE YOU to put these questions on your agenda to discuss with your colleagues this week. Relationships, empathy, gratitude, connection and authenticity are the foundations for teamsuccess.


Get people right, get business right.



World sleep day

Tomorrow is WORLD SLEEP DAY and I share some resources in my March Change Bulletin but this is the equivalent of having your own personal trainer for better sleep!


Rachel McGuinness is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist for Insomnia and she will be helping people who:
😴 want to get on top of a sleep problem and learn to sleep properly again
😴 need help, but want accountability and proper advice that is easy to understand and follow
😴 are simply curious and want to learn more about sleep in general.


Click here to book your place on to the 4 or 12 week course!



Male suicide

Our Silent Emergency, a BBC documentary that aired on the 16th of arch 2021, is a must-watch about male suicide.


Roman Kemp explores mental health issues and suicide among young men, motivated by the experience of his own friend taking his life last year. Roman shares his own personal story and that of survivors and young men who have lost friends to suicide.


I was impressed by the openness with which Roman and other young men shared their raw feelings about their own experiences, about the struggle to open up or the fact that those who took their lives didn’t confide.


The number one message is to talk… to REALLY ask how people are doing (getting beneath the face-value response) and to communicate when things don’t feel right.


The documentary is thought provoking, sensitive and I believe will make a real difference to those who watch it.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.



Family Values

Did you know…

Children with a probable mental disorder were about five times more likely:
▶️ not to have eaten a family meal all week (4.8%)
▶️ and not to have spent time together with their family (6.0%)
than those unlikely to have a mental disorder.
– MHCYP 2020 –

You make a difference.

Even when you’re feeling the strain, find the time to invest in your children. It might be as simple as sitting together at a meal time.




Children’s Mental Health is getting worse

And it’s everyone’s problem. Children are our generation of the future.


What we invest in them now will determine their ability to cope with society. And we need them to be resilient – life isn’t going to be easy following the pandemic for a long time to come.



Schools are under pressure to meet the increasing need to support children’s mental health and wellbeing, on top of attempting to maintain academic standards.


The Mental Health Series of Workshops might be helpful for schools that you’re connected with. Ask them if they would like to reach out. Victoria Lacy-Wills did…

“PEP:mk provides CPD training for staff in schools. When our schools requested sessions on how to support #mentalhealth and #wellbeing, I knew that Lisa would be the perfect trainer to contact; she has such an in depth knowledge of the subject, and she did not disappoint. Feedback from participants at these sessions was always that they wanted more!”



Please do get in touch to discuss any of the topics in these articles, I’d love to hear from you.
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