|  Martin Baldwin, Oxfordshire

Martin Baldwin, Oxfordshire

While working abroad in Central America I was viciously and violently attacked, kidnapped, shot at and robbed by two gunmen, which tipped me into meltdown. I was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Growing up with long-term and serious childhood abuse and emotional neglect significantly contributed. I tried to take my own life and subsequently received psychotherapy from a trauma counsellor but it proved unable to deal with some of the more profound and traumatic events in my life.

I was then introduced to Lisa who worked with me on what has been a life saving and life changing journey. The unique and integrative approach she used enabled me not only to talk about my life, but to process the traumas, deal with all the emotional baggage and receive real healing of the events, memories and emotions that had lain dormant and repressed for so many years.

The rewind, guided imagery and visualisation techniques especially have proved key to my recovery and healing, along with the focus on my essential emotional needs being met. It has not been a quick fix and has demanded a lot of hard work, courage and determination, both on my part and that of Lisa, but I am now healed and no longer being treated for CPTSD or MDD. 

It is no understatement, or exaggeration, to say that my work with Lisa has facilitated nothing short of many miracles for me. I am now rebuilding a completely new life with my partner, family, friends, work and career, and am also now setting up my own human givens psychotherapy practice.