Psychology is at the heart of all change and emotional well-being is key to success and development. These are my areas of expertise.

I have experience of working with corporate organisations to provide consultancy and training to improve the emotional well-being of employees; reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover, and increasing motivation, engagement and outcomes.



My approach is always tailored to suit the organisations I am partnering and may include:


Audit of needs

Training/ workshops

Facilitation of peer development networks

Developing policy and practice to support change and positive mental health

Creating emotionally healthy work place environments

Mindfulness and meditation

Individual coaching/ psychotherapy


As a chartered psychologist, I have the expertise to work with organisations to achieve SYSTEMIC CHANGE. I provide a professional, solution-focused and creative support to help you develop. I avoid the one-approach-fits-all model and offer, instead, a flexible opportunity for GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. I work alongside key people within your organisation using transparent processes and your own enhanced skills and knowledge to achieve real change that is SUSTAINABLE.

We work together to identify clear goals and what may be getting in the way. I ask lots of questions, listen and help you to answer them if you are unsure. I can collect information through observation, interviews, questionnaires, working groups and/ or relevant documents to identify areas for focus. This provides a good understanding of THE ENVIRONMENT, THE PEOPLE AND THE CULTURE within the organisation.

The personal and dynamic approach I bring to clients is effective as it addresses not only the hard elements of a system but also the soft aspects, taking into account different PERSPECTIVES AND EMOTIONS in order to be real. This means that staff remain on-board, adapt their thinking and are supportive of the developments. Your team will feel in CONTROL, have a sense of SECURITY and STATUS and relationships will deepen. By meeting the emotional needs of those in the organisation, the desired outcomes will be easier to achieve.