As a fully qualified, chartered psychologist, I am able to work with schools and their communities to improve outcomes for children and young people. This role has seen me work with 0-18 year olds with a diverse range of needs including:


Emotional and behaviour difficulties

Cognitive difficulties

Social, communication difficulties (including autistic spectrum disorder)

Sensory impairment

Physical disability

Severe learning difficulties


As an educational psychologist (EP) I have a wide repertoire of knowledge and skills that allows me to:

  Offer consultancy to staff within schools, support parents, observe pupils, and work with a multitude of agencies who provide services to schools and families

  Provide training to school and multi-agency staff

  Provide support for systemic change to help schools and other organisations develop themselves to improve outcomes

  Develop and run courses and projects and provide training and support to enable staff within organisations to facilitate these independently in the future.