Put simply, to help you overcome barriers to achieving the most from life using a practical, forward-moving and down-to-earth approach, free of jargon. Together we get you to where you want to be in as few sessions as possible. For many clients, the real insight gained into what they’re experiencing in terms of the brain and body is a huge sense of relief… the realisation that they are ‘normal’ and their brain is working properly, simply reflecting life’s circumstances.


As an experienced chartered psychologist and psychotherapist I am able to help people navigate their way through many kinds of EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CHALLENGES and for others, simply enhance their SELF-DEVELOPMENT. I work with children, adults and couples.


There are hundreds of different counselling and psychotherapy models. This can be extremely confusing! I use an approach that is evidence based, effective in achieving results quickly and is about moving TOWARDS POSITIVE OUTCOMES. I avoid the ‘fingers-crossed’ style of counselling (simply nodding, listening and hoping you find all your own answers) but instead adopt a COLLABORATIVE APPROACH where we explore together. You will feel confident that you are working towards your goals at a pace that you are happy with. We regularly check where we are up to as no therapy should continue endlessly without clear direction and an end point.


I offer PRACTICAL HELP that deals with mental and emotional well-being in the here and now using the most effective therapeutic techniques drawn from a wide range of proven approaches, such as solution focused brief therapy, guided visualisation, motivational techniques, problem solving, CBT, the Rewind and others approved by NICE. This is encapsulated within the Human Givens approach to therapy that I combine with my psychologist skills and knowledge.








  Schizaphrenia and Psychosis





Instead of sitting in a therapy room, we get outside and enjoy the benefits of engaging mindfully with our natural environment and boost our feel-good, serotonin levels. It is helpful to recognise the role our body plays in how we feel physically and emotionally and there’s no better way than to experience it! By focusing on your body in the outdoor environment where we tune into different things, we broaden our mind and recognise new opportunities…. perfect for a therapeutic conversation.



How Human Givens therapy is different 

How a Human Givens therapist can help

The Human Givens Charter


Human Givens practitioners are on the official Human Givens Register which is accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) and are fully accredited registered members of the Human Givens Institute. I am also registered as a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I abide by the standards of professional conduct, continuing personal development, ethics policies and  complaints procedures set out by these professional bodies, and I have full public liability insurance. I have Enhanced DBS clearance.


To find out more about how I can help you, please contact me for an informal chat or to make an appointment.


I have a private therapy room in my home but can travel to see clients if necessary. I take self referrals as well as referrals from organisations.